Privacy Policy

The Positive Nature Network provides professional online and regional networking events. We are committed to personal data protection.

If you are not booking a place at an event or if you are not a member of the network, we process your personal data for direct marketing to you on the legal basis of ‘legitimate interest’ to find new members for our network. We will continue to use your personal data for as long as we believe it is accurate. We are passionate about connecting people, and would welcome you into our network.

If you have booked a place at an event or you are a member of the network, we process your data to fulfill our contract with you to run the network. We share limited personal data after events with other attendees, and we may make introductions between members where we believe you may benefit. As you know, we are passionate about connecting people, and we will keep your personal data unless you tell us not to, to enable us to make professional introductions.

The data we hold about you is your name, possibly your email address and possibly your telephone number. You can contact us at The Positive Nature Network, Linley House, Dickinson Street, Manchester, M1 4LF.

You have rights concerning your personal data. You have the right to request from us, access, rectification, erasure, restriction of processing. You also have the right to object to processing, to lodge a complaint with the ICO and to ask for a version of your data to facilitate data portability, which we will supply in CSV form if required.

If you are a member of the network you may also add information in the Members Area. Members always find it interesting to know more about each other. But when sharing information, please think about protecting personal data:

• Only share information you are happy for other members of the network to see.

• If you share information about other people, your children for example, only share what they would be happy for other network members to see.

We use a “cookie” or your IP Address to recognise your computer. Cookies are small pieces of information that are stored by your browser on your hard drive. They do not contain any personally identifying information. You are free to prevent us collecting this information by turning this capability off on your browser.

Our Policy on Video Conferencing Communications


Positive Nature Network uses Zoom to facilitate ‘virtual’ face to face meetings.

Our members, by definition, are people who value face to face interaction and find it is beneficial to their organisations.

All attendees must pre-register for our events. All registrations are manually approved before meeting details are shared with attendees.

We believe that by embracing video conferencing we can help our members to network with like minded individuals from across the country and the world in a way that minimises the carbon footprint of our events.

We understand the risks posed by using immature technologies, but we also recognise the risks of setting the barriers to access unreachably high.

We also understand the potential risks of users exposing personal data inadvertently when using new technologies.

Risk Treatment

We will encourage members to use video conferencing technologies that suit their circumstances.

We will not use or cease to use video conferencing tools if they are shown to compromise information security or personal data and privacy requirements. We will make efforts to be aware of information in this area as it becomes available and respond with urgency if required.

We will inform our members of the risks posed by exposing information unintentionally and aim to educate them about good practice where appropriate.


Given the risks posed and the treatments we have implemented, we believe the benefits of using video conferencing technologies more widely outweigh the risks posed.

Consequently we decide to make use of these technologies more widely, while ensuring our risk treatment programme is put in place.

Positive Nature Network are unable to vouch for the adequacy of the security provisions of Video Conferencing providers, nevertheless the personal data exposed is small, participants have the right not to engage if they are concerned. We make them aware of the risks before they join the video conference. We believe the residual risks to personal data are outweighed by the benefits of using the service.

There have been some suggestions that Zoom Inc. may be retaining or using personal data in ways that would not be expected. However, Zoom is approved for use by MOD personnel, though not for secure communications. Zoom Inc. are members of the recently struck down Privacy Shield scheme. We are therefore continuing to keep the matter under continual review until the planned new guidance from the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) is available.

IMPORTANT – During any Video Conferencing event your name may be available to other participants, and please be aware of the background in any video, including your family.