Positive Nature Network – Future Solutions with Dan Bloomfield – September 19th 2023

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Dan Bloomfield works in a role that is about being a point of articulation between, on the one hand, research, academia, ideas and thinking, and on the other hand everything that sits around that, including business, action, crisis, charity, collaboration, community and change. His area of concern is in nature restoration and food systems. He works with researchers who look at that topic from a myriad of perspectives – ecological, geographical, physiological and data science, politics, art, economics, business management, land use, justice – and translates need.  Need for applications, solutions, resources and insights in one direction, and need for data, input, perspectives, partners and placements in the other.

The future of nature is what keeps Dan up at night, and the beauty and grace of nature is what lets him sleep.  He has a strong commitment to nature in all its forms and definitions, and he has studied it across four degrees and 35 years of work.  Dan will be talking about what the University of Exeter has done, and is doing, to create meaningful change around this existential topic.

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Green Futures Solutions @ Exeter University

GreenFutures Solutions is The University of Exeter’s business support initiative, bringing expertise and insights from leading climate researchers to organisations around the world.

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A toolkit that Dan recommended for supporting businesses to grow in support of the environment.


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The Positive Tipping Points framework is a way to re-think our understanding of how change happens. We’re familiar with negative tipping points that can accelerate the crisis, such as glacier melt or biodiversity loss, but we are also becoming more able to predict and encourage positive shifts which will help us avoid the worst impacts. This session will bring the framework to life, giving examples of how creating the right conditions for change, finding reinforcing feedback loops, and activating triggers can bring a shift into a new system.

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