PNN – Emotional Resilience Workshop with Heather Lynch & Molly Stevenson

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The session was enlightening with the following coping mechanisms shared by the network attendees:

Do something creative – draw, paint, write. It’s a great way to process feelings and connect with others.

Walking through old-growth forest is my go to way to feel better about everything 💚🌍🌱

Engage with others and actually broach the topic, in a non-confrontational way.

connecting with like-minded people. Taking action: going to demos, signing petitions. Looking after myself. Connecting with organisation such as “Flightfree UK” etc and hearing about what other people do

Doing small things daily to take positive action

Talk about your feeling as much as possible

Simply sharing with others seemed to have helped already! 🙂

Returning to my body, moving, meditating and helping others to do the same AND have conversations with like-minded people

Growing veggies with kids

One way I cope is by trying to consciously place myself in settings that are more positive – osmosis

Stopped reading and listening to news

Surrounding yourself with people that care about these issues and can empathise

spending time with other people who have similar values around the climate 💚🌍🌱

Change small things in your life as you are in charge of

Reminding myself to focus on what I can control and creating boundaries between personal and professional life (I work in sustainability).

Reminding myself of the responsibility we all have. Hopelessness is not an option

Meeting other people who share concerns.

Daily noticing in nature – even the smallest things. Awe and Wonder

Making a decision to act FROM the feeling rather than reacting emotionally. Then doing it 🙂

Acknowledging that I am open to learning – learning is activism.

Music is another great coping strategy for me -the creative energy I think helps to regulate

joyful activism: We’ve got a small group here that does a Disobedience dance routine to get people interested in XR and environmental issues


● Climate Mental Health Network: Climate Wheel,;,
● Active Hope Training:
● Caroline Hickman: and Emotional transition curve
● Conscious Leadership Programme: Video: ‘Are you willing to feel your feelings?’

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