Introduction to Citizen Science and Health in the City – with David Buckley

Introduction to Citizen Science and Health in the City - with David Buckley


19 June 2024    
12:00 - 13:30



Zoom Meeting

About the Event

GoGreenRoutes is an EU-funded H2020 project delivered in partnership with a multidisciplinary research consortium of 40 organisations. This 10.5m initiative is pairing participatory approaches and citizen science with Big Data analyses and digital innovation to take a citizen-centred approach towards understanding nature, health and the urban environment across Europe.

GoGreenRoutes is working with 6 European cities to implement ‘nature-based solutions’, such as green corridors, linear parks or shared walkways, to improve the physical and mental wellbeing of their urban inhabitants. These interventions aim to enhance public greenspace to support people to travel around the city more actively and engage with others, all while reducing urban health hazards and creating space for the renewal of environmentally important places. 

GoGreenRoutes employs a novel approach termed ‘engaged’ citizen science, which involves non-professional volunteers collecting data on key challenges relating to nature and health in the city. Engaged citizen science is a key strategy employed by the project to provide citizen leadership opportunities and build community partnerships, in order to raise public awareness of risks (e.g. air pollution), benefits (e.g. increased urban green space) and empower local people in decision-making at individual, community and city levels. 


The talk includes:

  • Introduction to the historical, theoretical and practical foundations of participating in citizen science to promote health in cities
  • Overview of key issues influencing urban health and the importance of nature-based solutions in cities 
  • Background information on research objectives and relevance of the GoGreenRoutes project
  • Interactive demo of the GoGreenRoutes Citizen Science Online Training Platform
  • Directions on how to develop your own citizen science event


After this talk you will:

  • Understand what citizen science is and how it can be used to maximise public participation in research to support health in cities
  • Be aware of the key issues influencing urban health
  • Comprehend the importance of urban greenspaces for promoting health in cities
  • Recognise examples of where citizen science has been used to enhance health in cities 
  • Discover the various opportunities for continued involvement in citizen science

Guest Speaker

David Buckley

David is a community psychologist who aims to put social change at the centre of the way psychological wellbeing is understood and promoted. Based at Technological University Dublin, he has a particular research interest in community involvement and volunteerism in the creation of proactive preventative health initiatives. He is a member of the International Association of Applied Psychology and European Community Psychology Association, and engages in supporting people and projects in the fields of cognition and performance, mental health, and individual and community wellbeing. David is an active participant in the international research environment, contributing to articles, speaking regularly at professional and academic conferences, and advising a number of emerging purpose-driven companies. Alongside his research, he directs The Summit Path, a performance psychology practice which invests in individuals, groups and communities to enable shifts in mindsets and behaviours, by collaborating in research, training and mental health support.

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