19th July – Zoom Meet-up – Rory Crawford / David Colver

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Rory and David managed to pack in a huge amount to their presentation and also gave us plenty of time to discuss the People’s Plan for Nature as a group. If you missed the session you can catch up with everything by watching the video.

After the session David kindly shared some resources including the podcasts in which he first heard of sortition as an alternative or supplement to democracy
– https://pca.st/AATT
– https://pca.st/01Kg
– https://pca.st/52GD
– https://pca.st/fqqhkpg5

The Sortition Foundation, which promotes the use of sortition
– https://www.sortitionfoundation.org/

Climate Change Assembly UK of about two years ago.
– https://www.parliament.uk/get-involved/committees/climate-assembly-uk/

The People’s Assembly on Nature, which David took part in between Nov 2022 and Feb 2023, having been one of 100 selected from a mailing to 33,000 households.
– https://peoplesplanfornature.org/peoples-assembly-nature

Financing of nature-based projects was mentioned several times in the third weekend, 14-15 Jan 2023.    This presentation was the most economically focussed
– https://youtu.be/c9BGJE1DRIw?list=PLo0jLEXe09-MxX3eUM2RU1ttJCkAgCYQy

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Reasons to be Cheerful Podcast

with Ed Miliband and Geoff Lloyd

A podcast about ideas to fix the world, mentioned by David during his talk.


Sortition Foundation

Transform Politics

Find out more about the process used to select the People's Assembly for Nature members.


Why We Get the Wrong Politicians

by Isabel Hardman

David mentioned getting a lot out of this book during the initial part of his talk.


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