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Marcus is a radical natural entrepreneur, researcher and writer. He is a co-founder of New Foundation Farms (a regenerative farming business with nature as a shareholder) and of the Holos Earth Project.

Here he talks to the Positive Nature Network about New Foundation Farms and why we need to think indigenously in order to make smaller communities of our big ones.

At new foundation farms we are building a regenerative agrifood enterprise which will produce food and fibre in a way that supports our soils, our communities and our health.


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Till the coast is clear

Till the Coast is Clear is a Community Interest Company striving to make the world a better place, one piece of plastic and one happy soul at a time.

Improving the condition of our natural environment and connecting people to the great outdoors for improved physical and mental health is our mission, we call it ‘Active Regeneration’ and it works.

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The value of soil restoration

Documentarian John Chester and his wife Molly work to develop a sustainable farm on 200 acres outside of Los Angeles.


Global Conference

Beyond Growth

The Beyond Growth 2023 Conference is a multi-stakeholder event aiming to discuss and co-create policies for sustainable prosperity in Europe.




Working with nature to build a sustainable future after receiving Countryside Stewardship funding changed the thinking for Knepp.


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'Making a difference: What steps can my business take to improve the environment that it depends on?' To discuss this topic we'll be joined by the director of Till the Coast is Clear CiC, Gary Jolliffe.

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