20th June – Zoom Meet-up – Making a Difference with Gary Jolliffe

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As director of Till the Coast is Clear CIC, Gary has spent the last five years clearing plastic pollution from the South Hams coast and helping others to take action and make a difference in their own way.

We get a look around “the office” and Gary talks us through the various approaches he has developed and the challenges he faces.

I love this quote from the Till the Coast is Clear website that I hope sets up our discussion quite nicely, “The scale of the challenges that face us all are daunting. Working together and getting stuck in is the only solution. So, let’s get cracking, there is lots to be done.”


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People's Plan for Nature

With input from thousands of people from across the UK, the People’s Plan for Nature calls for urgent, immediate action – from governments, businesses, charities, organisations, farmers and communities – to protect and fundamentally change how we value nature.

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Sand Talk

If you’re interested in digging a little more into May’s topic of learning what it means to be indigenous, I would massively recommend this book, it’s called Sand Talk: How Indigenous Thinking Can Save the World by Tyson YunkaPorta.


Book Recommendation


During his talk, Gary recommended this book, Regeneration: Ending the climate crisis in one generation by Paul Hawken.


Book Recommendation

How Bad Are Bananas?

Ten years on from first publication, a new edition of this invaluable and entertaining guide that shows just what effect everything has on carbon emissions, from a Google search to a plastic bag, from a flight to a volcano.


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Join us on July 19th for our next Zoom meet-up with Rory Crawford and David Colver who'll be introducing us to the People's Assembly and the People's Plan for Nature.

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