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In this Video Paul Skinner expands on his talk, answering questions from attendees that he didn’t have time to answer during the session.

Project of the Month

Wildwood Devon Bat Rehabilitation Centre

Our project of the month this month is the Wildwood Devon bat rehabilitation centre. The centre will be used to provide a safe space for injured bats to be rehabilitated before they’re released back into the wild. The project was introduced by Amanda Keetley of Devon Environment Foundation.

You can donate to this project below. Please tick ‘Write us a comment’ and type ‘PNN’ before submitting your donation.

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Featured Projects

Solar botanic

Harry Corrigan from Solar Botanic which is a remarkable solar tree which can be used to power car chargers. There is a £1 million investment opportunity for the right organisation to fund this project and it is being supported by the advanced manufacturing centre in Sheffield. A further funding round of £3-£5 million will follow. Any organisation investing needs to know the investment qualifies for SEIS and EIS funding – 40% tax discount.

Do you have a project you would like to be featured?

All our projects are suggested by network members, if you have a project you would like to shine a positive light on then get in touch and let us know what it is and what help you might need - ie volunteers/funding.

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Our network members are interested to know more about the following questions, can you help?

What are the small things a business can do immediately to start them on the right path and to help engage their staff and their customers as well?

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The Purpose Upgrade

If you'd like to dive deeper into the themes of Paul Skinner's talk then make sure you read his latest book, The Purpose Upgrade.




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Devon Environment Foundation

DEF supports grassroots nature positive projects in Devon. It is their ambition to help protect and restore at least 30% of Devon’s land and water by 2030.


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