Positive Nature Network – 18th April

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Osbert engagaes the group with their thoughts and feelings in the chat, then outlines the key principals of engagement:


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How to talk about sustainability with colleagues

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Moor Trees - Field Event

We’ve had our first field networking event in the South West this month. We went up to Moor Trees and had a great day transplanting more than 600 seedlings and saplings, weeding and digging three new beds for elder blackthorn trees and learning a great deal about the work of Moor Trees while getting to know each other. I can honestly say that the impact on business of getting out for a day, talking to other business people in a completely different environment - it was a great day and I’m keen for as many of you as possible to have these experiences.

People, planet,pint

As well as the field networking event, Kit Connell organised a People, Planet, Pint night in Exeter. Again, we had a great evening talking sustainability with like minded people up at the City Gate hotel in Exeter. Thanks to those of you that came along to that event.

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All our projects are suggested by network members, if you have a project you would like to shine a positive light on then get in touch and let us know what it is and what help you might need - ie volunteers/funding.

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Word Forest

We are an environmental and education charity based in the UK that works to combat the devastating effects of global warming and climate change by planting fast growing trees in the tropics, predominantly food bearing.


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Join us on May 16th for our next Zoom meet-up with expert speaker Marcus Link who'll be exploring the potential of relearning what it means to be indigenous.

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